Founded in May 1987, Gonfrio is a private company located in the north of Portugal, in the city of Gondomar (10 minutes from Porto).

With over 30 decades of history, we are endowed with extensive experience and know-how. We have the capacity to adapt and to cover different areas and needs of the market in the area of dehumidification.

With approximately 50 employees, distributed among different skills (design, production, design, quality and commercial department), it is our goal to constantly invest in continuous improvement and innovation of our products and resources.

We have a strong exporting profile. The main destination of our articles is the centre of Europe where we are proud of the reputation our products have achieved.

Gonfrio - Our Mission

Our Mission

The purpose of our existence!

The mission of our company is to manufacture professional dehumidifiers and industrial heating, which can be applied to buildings, industrial facilities, commercial processes or natural disasters such as floods, with high quality standards so as to satisfy our customers.

We are committed to promoting and developing our activity in accordance with the organisational policy and objectives we set.

30 years


What we want to achieve!

Our aim was to be leaders in Europe, invest in new markets and be a reference of excellence in the area of dehumidification and heating.

We therefore intend to create, innovate and develop products in order to exceed the expectations of our customers, in a perspective of continuous improvement that sets us apart on the market.


What we stand for and how we act with all stakeholders

Requirement and rigour

It is what we demand from ourselves on a daily basis

Oriented towards our customers’ needs

The purpose of our existence


An essential factor in the market

Professional, personal and commercial ethics

Indispensable values throughout the organisation

Continuous Improvement

What makes us evolve

Good relationship and professional secrecy towards our stakeholders

Crucial for a good partnership

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